Guidelines for Pool and Jacuzzi Use

Hours: 🕑 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Temperature: 🛟 POOL 29° 💆🏾‍♂️ JACUZZI 34°

For the well-being of all guests, we appreciate your entry only when you ensure compliance with the following requirements:

Ministry of Health Regulation No. 1956:

For hygiene, both yours and others’:
📌 Wearing a swim cap 🧢 is mandatory.
📌 Showering 🚿 before accessing is essential.
📌 Restricting consumption of food or drinks before entry 🚫🥪🍝.
📌 For children under 3 years old, wearing a swim diaper is mandatory.

For safety, both yours and others’:
📌 Entry with glass items is restricted 🚫.
📌 Diving is not allowed ❌.
📌 Maximum stay in the jacuzzi is 15 minutes 🥵.
📌 Children up to 12 years old must be accompanied by 1 responsible adult.

We provide towels on the table next to the entrance, you can use 1️⃣ per person at no additional cost.
Please deposit it in the 🗑️ bin after use, we appreciate 🙏🏽 not taking it to your apartment.

Additionally, you can:
➡️ Purchase a swim cap for $1000
➡️ Rent a robe for $1000
You can request these at reception or via WhatsApp.

Thank you 🙌🏽 for reading this far.